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 with Danger
The Apres Lounge
What do you get when you add one seasoned radio host, a bunch of great Whistler FM tunes, and a couple hours during the apres of your weekday - The Apres Lounge with Danger only on 101.5 Whistler FM.

 Tuesdays and Thursdays
Apres Lounge with Meaghan M
Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for Meaghan M in the Whistler Brewing Company Apres Lounge.

 Tuesdays at 4pm
Tuesday Takeover
Are you ready to play DJ? The Tuesday Takeover is on, happening every Tuesday at 4pm in The Whistler Brewing Company Apres Lounge. That'’s when you get to put on the headphones, turn on the mic, and choose three or four of your favourite tunes for our Whistler listeners.

Thursday Jam Sessions
Tune in to the Apres Lounge with Meaghan M for the Thursday Jam Sessions, Thursdays at 4pm. Listen to the musicians and bands that make Whistler - Whistler.

 daily at 4 & 9pm
the InVersion
When you hear a classic tune, that sounds like its being covered by someone else... you know, you're tuned into the Whistler FM InVersion. Daily at 4 and 9pm.

 w Michael Kompass
Vintage Advice
Welcome to Vintage Advice with Michael Kompass - select Friday's in the Apres Lounge. Taking you inside the passion that is wine and spirits.

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