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WhistlerFM Inside Video
WhistlerFM Inside Video
WhistlerFM Inside Video
 Whistler FM
Spotify Playlist
Welcome to the Whistler FM Playlist on Spotify. A hand selected collection of songs that feel and sound like Whistler FM, to take with you where ever you go.Check back often for updated playlists.

 weekdays at 1pm
The Long Run
Join us each weekday at 1PM for The Long Run - fueled by TaG Cycling. One hour of Whistler FM music to help you get into your afternoon and almost - halfway - to Apres. Only on 101.5 Whistler FM

 Whistler FM
Fresh Tracks
When you're standing at the top of a ski run, looking down on a perfectly white field of snow, completely untouched, yours for the taking...it's a special feeling. Just like the first time you hear a song you instantly love. 101.5 Whistler FM is pleased to present the new music we add into regular rotation that we hope you ...

 Whistler FM
ALL Canadian Music Hour
If youve ever enjoyed a double double, worn a bunny hug, or paid with a loonie - you're in the right place. Get familiar with what Canada has to offer. Tune in to the All Canadian Music Hour, weekdays at 11AM

 weekdays at noon
The Whistler FM Old School Lunch
Need something to do on your lunchbreak that doesn't involve Facebook or Lean Cuisine? Tune in to the Whistler FM Old School Lunch, for deep-fried beats, tasty stewed funk, and sweet-baked melodies for dessert. Ding!!! Food's up. Feed your spirit, order up the Whistler FM Old School Lunch, Monday - Friday at high noon.

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