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Tunes for Tots and Teens
It seemed like a great idea at the time. You were going to learn how to play the guitar but your dreams of rockin' out just never happened and now, that guitar is sitting in your crawl space - yearning for someone, somewhere to play it.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Whistler FM's Tunes for Tots and Teens. Bring us your old guitars, keyboards and instruments you no longer use and we'll do our best to get them back in shape, ready to play, and in the hands of kids and youth who want to play music but can't afford the first step.

Whistler FM's Tunes for Tots and Teens. Helping bring the gift of making music to the kids of our community. To contribute, simply drop off any instrument you no longer use at our studio in Function Junction during normal business hours - Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please note our address is Unit 102 - 1080 Miller Creek Road.


If you would like to register to receive and instrument, please send us an email to music@whistlerfm.ca. Please tell us what type of instrument you would like and as well, the approximate age of the intended recipient and talent level (beginner/intermediate/advanced). This will help us ensure that we match you best with your new instrument.

Music for all. From 101.5 Whistler FM.

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