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Special Guests
There are a lot of events going on and even more stories to tell in Whistler, so we like to invite those from in and around our community to tell theirs on Whistler FM.

Ben Rogers

Chris Lowe UNBC

Zero Ceiling

Erika Dee

Bioblitz 2017

The Flatliners

The Chili Thom Experience

Prom On A Budget


Brian Adler on Chris Cornell

Show Us Your Whistler

Brad Merritt from 54-40

Chris Burkard-Professional Adventurer

Rachel Thom and Mum For Mother's Day
Cinco De Mayo at The Mexican Corner

Aaron from The Boom Booms

Sylvie Allen on a Women's Backcountry Bike Adventure Contest

Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes

Swollen Members and The Leisure Principle World Premiere Song

Some Bunny Loves You - Jesse Thom

Alvaro Prol

Todd Lawson

Shred Kelly

Ruckus Deluxe St Patrick's Day Jam Session

Lion Bear Fox


Steve Sxwithul'txw from Tribal Police TV Show

Ryan Oliver From McDonalds

Nicolette Richer from The Green Moustache

Tom Green

Princess Stephanie

Dustin Bentall

Jesse Thom

Tayo From Five Alarm Funk

Darrin Martens, Curator of the Audain Art Museum

Dee Raffo, Organiser of Whistler's International Celebration of the Girl Is Full of Sparkle and Grit

Bob Brett of Whistler Naturalists on Fungus Among Us Festival

Thomas Christensen, Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium

Ben Mead, Veterans Outreach with WASP

Darrin Martens Chief Curator Audain Art Museum

Vancouver Aquarium Executive Chef Ned Bell

Jay Chalke BC Ombudsperson

Hannah Georgas

Izzy Richie from The Strumbellas

Deborah Barnes Helping Critter Care Wildlife Society

Sandra Riches BC AdventureSmart

Christy Craig's Social Venture Challenge

Fueling Women Champions, with Natalie Spooner

Ella Snow Lee-Bufton Radio Co-host For The Day

Suzanne Greening, Executive Director of the Audain Art Museum

Terence Jack Live Session

Executive Producer Maria Armstrong of "Love It Or List It"

Jill Gotto and Brian Dixon from Whistler Slo Pitch

Kasi Lubin from Zero Ceiling Foundation Interview

Robin Ziebell Interview

Meg Maclure Interview

Apex Pistols Roller Derby Team

Modern Space Interview and Performance

Stella Harvey and Lynn Duncan from Whistler Writers Festival

Anna Lengstrand from Simply Swedish Jewellery

An update from Terrance Kosikar from Breaking The Chains BC

Anne Popma Whistler's Community Cultural Officer Interview

Bombargo Interview and Performance

Melinda Lopez from Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic

Stephan Adamus from Science World

Terrance Kosikar from Breaking The Chains BC

Elliott Brood Interview

Chef Wolfgang from Whistler Backcomb

Timmy Boom Bap Interview

Live Nipple Piercing

Modern Space Interview

Nelson from The Sliding Centre

Renee from The Pie Company on Australia Day

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